10 Seasonal Accounting Jobs for Tax Season

10 Seasonal Accounting Jobs for Tax Season

The tax season is the period between January and April of every year when individuals and businesses file their tax returns with the government. During this time, there is usually a high demand for accounting professionals to help prepare and file tax returns, as well as provide other tax-related services.

Accounting professionals are always looking forward to the tax season because that is the period they make plenty of money.

The tax season is a busy time of year for CPAs and tax preparers. The three and a half month period, often the beginning of the new year, is when the relevant documents, such as 1099s or W-2s, must be collected to prepare tax returns.

Although some people do their own taxes (not advisable), others hire tax preparers or accountants to ensure proper filing and reduction in their tax liabilities.

With the tax season upon us, there will be an abundance of seasonal tax jobs if you have experience in accounting and finance.

10 Accounting Jobs for Tax Season

During the tax season, there are many job opportunities, both temporary and permanent, in different industries and locations. Some common job opportunities for CPAs during the tax season include:

1. Tax Accountant

The tax season is the busiest period for seasonal accountants. They are needed during this season to work with taxpayers to file tax returns. Since these accountants are experts with several years of experience, they will offer tax filing advice, ensure that filings are in accordance with tax laws, and look for ways to get tax credits and dedications.

2. Accounting Clerk

Are accounting clerks different from accountants? Yes, they are. An accounting clerk is responsible for keeping a company’s financial records, recording transactions, and preparing reports.

Offices are generally busy during the tax season. As a result, they will rely on the services of an accounting clerk to do clerical work, such as budgeting, processing transactions, data entry, issuing checks, clearing checks, etc.

3. Tax preparer

These professionals typically work at tax preparation firms or accounting firms, and are responsible for preparing and filing tax returns for clients.

4. Tax advisors

They offer advice and guidance to individuals and businesses on tax planning and compliance issues. They may work for a tax preparation firm, accounting firm, or as an independent contractor.

5. Customer service representative

During tax season, many tax preparation and accounting firms hire customer service representatives to answer questions and provide assistance to clients.

6. Tax software support

During the tax season, there may be a high demand for customer support for tax preparation software. This may include providing technical support, answering customer questions, and troubleshooting issues.

7. Tax attorney

These professionals provide legal advice and representation to individuals or businesses related to tax matters. They may also help clients navigate complex tax laws and regulations, and represent them in disputes with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

8. Payroll manager

The job of a payroll manager is to prepare employee payroll, keep records, monitor employee remuneration, find contradictions, and make sure that all the payments are correct and timely.

Furthermore, their duties include payroll data review, confirming that all amounts to be paid to employees are correct according to the number of hours worked, etc. To succeed as a payroll analyst, you must possess strong analytical skills, in addition to being able to detect math errors.

9. Tax Analyst

You can get employed as a tax analyst during the tax season. These professionals can perform several tasks in an organization, such as tax filing, consulting, advising, calculating taxes, etc. Having a tax analyst in your team will be beneficial to the company.

10. Tax Auditors

They are responsible for reviewing the financial records of individuals and businesses to ensure that they are accurately reporting their income and paying the appropriate amount of taxes. They may work for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or a state tax agency.

Finding The Right Accounting Job For Tax Season

Tax seasons are temporary. Companies will start hiring seasonal accountants from December to early January. During this period, tax preparation companies hire seasonal tax preparers and accountants earlier, so they can complete the tax training before the tax season starts officially.

To find accounting jobs during the tax season, you may consider searching job websites such as Indeed, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, or contacting accounting firms directly to inquire about job openings.

You may also consider joining professional organizations, such as the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) to network and find job opportunities.

10 Seasonal Accounting Jobs for Tax Season: What’s Next After The Tax Season?

Since accounting and tax preparation jobs during the tax season are temporary, some professionals who were hired during the season become unemployed in the off season.

If you are in this category, you can read our article on the 8 best jobs for tax preparers in the off season. Do you have an experience about losing your job during the off season? Share it with us.

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